Castle Ballroom

Celebrate your special occasion in either of our magnificent Ballrooms!  Call 781-0201 Ext. 4. See our entire event menu.

The Castle Ballroom

  • Complete, spectacular view of the lake from the Castle Ballroom, with easy access to the beautifully manicured lawn throughout the day (includes handicap access).
  • Total square footage is approximately 4400 square feet.
  • Room accommodates up to 250+ guests.
  • Full, extended bar to accommodate all bar options, with this area left open for guests to be comfortable during reception/function.
  • Interior decor consists of mauve, blue and gold, with a navy blue carpet.
  • Hung from the cathedral ceiling are off-white chandeliers, which are dimmed according to the mood of the day or evening.
  • Candles are welcome, and are often used by guests to enhance the warmth of the room.
  • Ballroom features an original ~10' antique, gold mirror, which hangs on the south wall of the room, and is hung between two antique tapestries, which complement the historic feeling of the Castle.
  • The room is set using mostly 6' round tables to vary the seating for each event, ranging from 6 - 10 guests per table, depending on individual requirements.
  • Wooden, permanent dance floor, which measures approximately 23' x 24'.
  • Plenty of power for DJ's and bands, and also plenty of space for those individuals to perform, without giving the feeling that guest are sitting directly next to them.
  • The room features a small lobby area with restrooms for Ladies and Gentleman (both handicap accessible).
  • The room is easily accessible from Belhurst Castle and from the outside.

Meritage BallroomThe Meritage Ballroom

Half of the room is fully surrounded by large windows, and also features the base of the Tower, approximately 15 feet wide. This side of the room is used for the head table, so all guests may enjoy the spectacular view of the gardens and lake.

  • Total square footage is approximately 3,300 square feet.
  • Room accommodates up to 160 guests.
  • Features two entrances-one leading directly out to its own patio and the lawn overlooking Seneca Lake, the other leading directly out to its own parking area.
  • Ceilings are approximately 14' high, with wooden beams and chandeliers.
  • The interior decor is off white, with some areas of hunter green, and elegant rust-colored drapes.
  • Plenty of power and space for DJ's and bands.
  • The Meritage Ballroom has its own lobby area, featuring restrooms for both Ladies and Gentleman (both handicap accessible), and an area for the place card table.
  • The room is easily accessible from the Belhurst Wine Shop and from the outdoors.

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