Massage/Body Treatments

Massage Treatments

Isabella Spa-Salon uses Eminence Organic Skincare, an all natural results-driven, skin care line. Eminence skin care joins herbal craftsmanship, skin rejuvenation and hand picked ingredients to craft natural and biodynamic skin care that is good for the earth and good for the skin. Choose between our four skin care collections for a customized result. Clear skin, Calm skin, Firm Skin or Bright Skin

Bright Skin: Brightens dull or hyper-pigmented skins | Calm Skin: Soothing for sensitive & rosaeca skins

Clear Skin: Clarifying for oily, acne-prone or hormonally imbalanced skins | Firm Skin: Age defying for dry & mature skins

Isabella Signature Massage
50 or 80 minutes | $125 or $165
Classic Swedish massage. A personalized blend of massage techniques customized to your specific needs for complete relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage
50 or 80 minutes | $135 or $175
Medium to firm pressure along with assisted stretching techniques to relieve stress & tension. A customized treatment is created to relax sore muscles & ligaments

Companion Massage
50 or 80 minutes | $240 or $300
Enjoy a side by side couple’s massage with a personalized blend of massage techniques customized to your specific needs to create a unified session of ultimate relaxation

Sports Massage
50 or 80 minutes | $135 or $175
Medium to firm pressure & steaming towels for the ultimate treatment for muscle tightness. The anti-inflammatory oils will ease soreness & stimulate circulation. Recommended the day before, day of and/or day after a sporting event

Gentle Expectations
50 minutes | $125
A soothing, gentle massage performed for the mother-to-be in her second and third trimester. A soft, fragrant combination of essential oils for mothers & babies are used

Hot Stone Massage
50 or 80 minutes | $150 or $180
Heated basalt lava stones are massaged into the muscles, warming the tissue & melting away tension. Our blend of essential oils brings comfort, strength & balance

Choose a Sample Massage or Add-on
20 minutes | $65
Allows time for a light, full body experience

Additional Add-ons:
Upgrade to Deep Tissue $15
Foot Massage 15 minutes $45
Scalp & Neck Focus 15 minutes $50


Body Treatments

Fruit Infused Body Scrub
50 minutes - $120
Induldge in this energizing full body scrub that combines the exfoliating properties of aromatic fruit designed to stimulate mental activity and increase clarity circulation, sloughing away dull dry skin enhancing circulation and deeply hydrating, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

True Bliss Romantic Retreat
100 minutes - $380
Take an enchanting journey in this relaxing couples' experience. Savor a warm cup of herbal tea while enjoying a refreshing foot soak. An invigorating exfoliation with coconut scrub to rejuvenate the skin. Next, you will be cocooned in warm linens while impurities are drawn from your body. Drift away during your wrap as your therapist massages warm oils into your shoulders, neck and scalp. This luxurious experience concludes with a full body massage.

Isabella's Raindrop Experience
50 or 80 minutes - $150 - $180
The Raindrop Technique combines the gentle application of nine therapeutic grade essential oils to the body with reflexology and massage techniques to bring about structural and energetic alignment. Based on ancient Lakota Indian ceremony and healing techniques to bring balance and restore energy.

Lavender Fields
50 or 80 minutes - $125 - $160
Sweet, soothing Lavender and the rich mineral properties of Himalayan Salts are combined in this skin smoothing exfoliation treatment. First, a Lavender Salt Scrub will invigorate you, softening and refining the texture of the skin, the healing Lavender oils are applied with long flowing strokes. You will emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


50 minutes - $130

Based on the concept that reflex points correlate to specific organs and systems in the body, this treatment focuses on therapeutically applied acupressure points in the hands and feet. This treatment begins with a soothing foot soak and leaves you feeling transformed and balanced.